Student support

The guidance services of the Department of Political an International Science take place throughout the academic year; some of these are aimed at freshmen, others to guide school students to a conscious university choice. In particular, the freshmen project, open days and open weeks, orientation internships, PCTOs, summer and winter schools are worthy of note. The freshmen project is aimed at students of the first year of three-year degree courses with the aim of accompanying them in the study of the subjects of the first and second semester both through the organization of specific study groups, and through the carrying out of ad hoc exercises, both thanks to the development of a personal study method.


The open days, open weeks, orientation internships, summer and winter schools are occasions with a minimum duration of one day and a maximum of 5, in which you can take a guided tour of the structure, attend lessons and participate in an interactive way in specially organized seminars.

All the activities are carried out with the collaboration of the teachers of the department and the didactic and welcoming tutors.

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Last update 21 February 2022