Library and archive

The students of the Courses of degree afferent to the Department of Political Sciences may use services (consultation and lending of books, research of textes for the thesis of degree) offered by the Library of the School of Social Sciences-section of Political Sciences, that contains volumes and reviews of the numerous matters (sociological and politological, historical, economical, juridical) taught in the Courses mentioned above; this Library is located at the Albergo dei poveri, Piazzale Emanuele Brignole 2, first floor, east tower. Moreover the Department of Political Sciences owns an important collection of books and reviews in the field of social sciences, in particular sociology, political science, history of political thought and of political doctrines (over 10.000 volumes, among which 3.000 accessible to the public); the textes are traceable through a catalogue and the attached list and are available for consultation after telephonic appointment at the number 010 209 51131.
Last update 24 January 2022